I offer a number of ways to offer advertising or to promote one of your products, and it’s pretty cut and dry.

1. Facebook Fan Page Contest – This is an extremely popular way to promote a brand or product, and it’s easy to do. I make a post on my Facebook Fan page detailing your brand or product and offering one of your products as a FREE GIVEAWAY, but in order to be entered into the contest they’d have to like YOUR Facebook page. This runs for one business week (Mon-Fri) and I leave the contest pinned to the top of my page during that time.

2. Home Page Editorial – This is where I’d write a blog post on my site about your product or brand and leave it pinned to the front page of the site for one business week (Mon-Fri). I’d highlight and discuss various pinpoints about your brand or product that you want mentioned, adding in any pictures of the product or brand.

3. Product Review – This is self explanatory, I’d write an *honest review of whichever product you’d like me to.

*We can add these all together as one package or we can simply make a custom package for your needs. If you are interested or have any questions, please use the contact form below.