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Bi-Polar Rant Of The Day: Idiots Who Have No Regard For School Buses And The Safety Of Our Children On The Roads

August 05
13:50 2014

Last year as I was standing at the bus stop watching my son’s bus come down the road, as it pulled up the curb to make a stop to let some kids off,  a car came screaming around the bus, down the road towards us. I was standing there with my daughters in a stroller and my neighbor whose son was also on the bus. I wanted to say something but I was deep in daddy protective mode with my daughters but luckily my buddy who also happens to be a DNR officer stepped out into the street, stopped the car and laid into the guy behind the wheel. The guy made some excuses and said it was legal to pass a school bus inside a subdivision, which it is not, but after a while he backed down, admitted he was wrong and drove home.

I know the bus driver pretty well and she was telling us how people pass her school bus all the time on two lane roads and especially inside subdivisions, and I really couldn’t believe how ignorant and selfish people were. They would put children at risk because they want to get home 1 minute earlier than they would have if they had to follow the bus a few more blocks. Most times it seems to be people without kids who have no disregard for anyone but themselves, but in reality all it’s going to take is for one child, in one subdivision, on one road, in front of one dad who’s waiting at the bus stop for their child, to get hurt by someone speeding around a school bus – for that problem to be solved, temporarily at least for that one specific inconsiderate driver.

Even when I didn’t have kids I never would have even thought about passing a school bus, but as they say, common sense just isn’t that common anymore. So if you happen to be one of these people who just aren’t paying attention and think its acceptable to pass a school bus, get your head out of your A** before you cause an accident and put some innocent child in danger, or don’t and risk getting your head beat in on the curb by a mob of angry parents – it’s totally up to you.








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