Bi-Polar Rants

Bi-Polar Rants


I’ve been waiting to see American Sniper, and hopefully soon I will be able to go out and see it in the theaters. I think Clint Eastwood is an amazing director, and the story of Chris Kyle is an amazing one. While I believe that Chris may have exaggerated and embellished his story just a bit, it doesn’t take away what he ultimately did and sacrificed for his country. So it sickens be when people such as Michael Moore, who in my opinion is a disgrace to this country as the gall to say that snipers, in reference to Chris Kyle are cowards, when in fact Moore himself is the coward. I would love to see him tell a sniper to his face that that soldier was a coward, it might be the last time we ever hear someone so ignorant say something so stupid ever again.

I don’t believe in a lot of the politics that’s go along with war – a lot of it seems like needless killing of our young men, brothers, fathers and sons – but my feelings aside, I fully back and support those of them that are at war doing what they believe is right to protect our country and the freedoms that many of us take for granted. They have more courage than I ever will, and I have more respect for them that they could possibly know. So when someone like Michael Moore opens his mouth to disrespect these heroes, I get offended. Michael Moore is nothing but a big bully who hides behind his money, camera and microphone, and when someone finally steps up to him, he will cower in the corner and hide like the true coward that he really is.

So regardless of Michael Moore’s opinion or anyone elses for that matter, on the wars and the politics involved, calling these men cowards or disrespecting them for doing what they believe is right in protecting our country, doesn’t seem right, now does it?

Open your eyes people, there is much more going on in this world than your selfishness.

Bi-Polar Rants


Recently on a Facebook post somewhere recently some mother was trying to get a job for her 14 year old to babysit some kids for his first job and to teach him responsibility;ty and how money and budgeting works. A small peek for a kid heading into adulthood. Personally I wouldn’t let a 14 year old watch my children, but this family lives locally and has many ties in the local community, but to each his own, that’s just my personal preference. I am highly impressed that this kid is so motivated at a young age when he could just be laying around playing video games. So of course like most threads on social media, the trolls started coming out of the woodwork (by the way I hate that phrase, why I use it I have no idea). What surprised me most though was the biggest trolls were grown men degrading a this parent for allowing their child to do a job that should only be done by women. Yes, some men still think this way, and sadly some always will. In fact he went so far as to bash all men who do things like laundry, cooking, cleaning and those of us that are stay at home dads. He was going on about how men of these statuses were not real men and not providing properly for their family. Somewhere along the thread one guy stood up for another, the one with the most ignorant comments by saying it was his belief because he was as he put it, “old school”.

I took offense to everything these guys were saying, not only because I’m a stay at home dad, because I’m more open minded and progressive thinking and not living in a world of ignorant thinking and close-minded views. First off, if these type of people think that they are grandfathered in and because that’s how it was, and still should be, what else do they think is Old School and thus okay to participate in? Segregation? Sexism? Women’s rights? I have to believe that it’s possible that these things get passed along generation to generation and some of these things sadly, will never die out.

So back to these guys on Facebook. Don’t they realize that by males learning “women” things that it makes males more rounded and better all around adults? That a family is based on leaning on each other, supporting one another and growing together? At first I became angry and wanted to lash out at them, but as I calmed down, I felt sadness towards the families living with men with these types of views. Can these types of views one day be eradicated from society? Let’s hope so, but sadly a lot of this will be passed down from fathers to sons causing another division of society to live on.

Sorry for rambling on a bit here, I wanted to get some of this off my chest before I crashed for the night.

Bi-Polar Rants

I was shopping at Wal-mart recently looking for a costume to wear at my first ever annual Halloween party, and I stumbled upon a costume that really kind of bothered me.  It was a men’s convict/prisoner costume that came with tattooed sleeves for your arms to and I quote:

This convict-inspired creation includes a shirt and a pair of tattoo sleeves for a fun and realistic ensemble.


So by Wal-mart’s own description in their listing, all people in prison have tattoos (which a lot of them do), but this also insinuates that people with tattoos will all end up in prison. Put it this way, it would be the same if they had the same costume but instead of tattoos the costume came with a black man’s face mask. Think that wouldn’t bother a few people?

Maybe I’m overreacting about this, but I know that a lot of people are pretty close-minded and look down on those of us with tattoos. I’ve never been to prison, I’m not a menace to society, I have a family with a wife and kids and do what I’m supposed to do as a father/husband and citizen, however people assume just by the fact that I have tattoos on my arms that I’m a deviant. I’ve found myself going out of my way to be extra nice and polite around people when I first meet them in some form of an effort to make a better first impression. I get all of that because I chose to have tattoos on my body, and things like this costume doesn’t make things any easier.

It’s a shame that in today’s world people are still being judged by their self expression, skin color, religion, or sexual orientation instead of them being judged by what’s really in their hearts.

Bi-Polar Rants


So yesterday in the news there was a story about a 9-year-old girl who was learning to shoot a uzi from an instructor and lost control of it and shot and killed the instructor. And after thinking about it very carefully, all I have to say is:


I’m not against guns by any means, but why would you take your 9-year-old daughter to a gun range and let her shoot a machine gun? That doesn’t even make sense to me. Common sense should have told these parents that she wouldn’t be able to handle a machine gun, but like I always say, common sense just isn’t that common anymore.

So now we have an instructor who was shot dead not only because of these moronic parents, but also by the shop’s policy of allowing kids to shoot guns. Let me understand, we can’t drink until we are 21, we can’t drive until we are 16, but we can shoot machine guns at 9 years old? I’m a bit confused, does this make sense to anyone?

Regardless of your views on guns, I think most of us can agree that this situation and allowing kids to shoot these types of weapons is absolutely ludicrous. I’m sure some of you will have your own argument about how it isn’t a big deal and whatnot, but save it, I swill never agree with you.

This is the video, it freezes before the girl shoots the guy, but there is audio of it.

First off I don’t have anything personally against the people who are actually making the annoying, unsolicited calls for products and services I’ll never want or need – but who I do loathe are the actual scumbags who run these immoral companies.

This is how a phone call I got this week went:

Random Number Comes Across Caller ID That Has Called For 3 Straight Days and I finally Decide To Answer:


“Hi this is so and so from so and so company and I…”

“Can you take me off your list please?”

“Sir, I don’t have a list – but I can put you on one…”

“I don’t want to be on any list, please just remove me from your current list.”

“Sir, again, I don’t have a list, but I can put you on one -“

“If I’m asking you to remove me from your list why would you think I’d want to be put on another list?”

“Well, I…”

“Just please remove me so I don’t get any further calls.”

“I’ll talk to my boss and see what I can do for you.”


This is exactly what I’m talking about. These companies are blood sucking vampires using their poor unsuspecting employees to do all their dirty work in an attempt at getting rich, and it drives me crazy,and they will never ever stop. It doesn’t matter what do not call list you’ve put yourself on, they will still find and call you right up until the day you die. They might even call the day you die trying to sell you health insurance, yep, they are just that sinister.

Last year as I was standing at the bus stop watching my son’s bus come down the road, as it pulled up the curb to make a stop to let some kids off,  a car came screaming around the bus, down the road towards us. I was standing there with my daughters in a stroller and my neighbor whose son was also on the bus. I wanted to say something but I was deep in daddy protective mode with my daughters but luckily my buddy who also happens to be a DNR officer stepped out into the street, stopped the car and laid into the guy behind the wheel. The guy made some excuses and said it was legal to pass a school bus inside a subdivision, which it is not, but after a while he backed down, admitted he was wrong and drove home.

I know the bus driver pretty well and she was telling us how people pass her school bus all the time on two lane roads and especially inside subdivisions, and I really couldn’t believe how ignorant and selfish people were. They would put children at risk because they want to get home 1 minute earlier than they would have if they had to follow the bus a few more blocks. Most times it seems to be people without kids who have no disregard for anyone but themselves, but in reality all it’s going to take is for one child, in one subdivision, on one road, in front of one dad who’s waiting at the bus stop for their child, to get hurt by someone speeding around a school bus – for that problem to be solved, temporarily at least for that one specific inconsiderate driver.

Even when I didn’t have kids I never would have even thought about passing a school bus, but as they say, common sense just isn’t that common anymore. So if you happen to be one of these people who just aren’t paying attention and think its acceptable to pass a school bus, get your head out of your A** before you cause an accident and put some innocent child in danger, or don’t and risk getting your head beat in on the curb by a mob of angry parents – it’s totally up to you.







Yesterday I was at the grocery store buying a few essentials and while I was selecting my favorite cookies, chips-a-hoy chocolate chip,  and there was this lady behind me with two little boys in her cart that were probably about 3 and 5 years old. The lady had a stack of coupons and a cart load of stuff, she looked like she was doing the whole couponing thing, and her kids were sitting pretty calmly in the basket. It sounded as if they were asking for something, as all kids do in the grocery store, and all of a sudden she snapped, leaned down and put her face close to her child and said, and I quote:

If you don’t shut up I’m going to punch you in the face!


It wasn’t one of those moments as parents where we might say something we wouldn’t normally when we are stressed – she said it in a very aggressive, hateful way. It made me uncomfortable and I felt sorry for the child, but I didn’t intervene. I wish now I would have, but at the time I think I was more shell shocked than anything.

So last night on my facebook page I posted her picture and gave a brief account of what happened and the post went nuts. Lot’s of people were extremely upset, they were un-following my page and I received quite a few hate mails, which I really didn’t understand. I couldn’t understand why people were sticking up for her. I finally removed the thread to stop the negativity and hate that was filling up the thread, but now I wish I hadn’t of.

There is absolutely NO reason for a mother to talk to a child in that manner. I was treated that way as a child and all it does is instill fear in the child. If you have some sort of an excuse for this kind of behavior I don’t even want to hear it. Unlike my Facebook page if you want, send me hate mail, do whatever you have to do, but in my opinion it is wrong, hateful and has no place in raising a child. I’m bi-polar and I deal with kids shopping all the time, and I’ve NEVER even come close to saying such hateful things to anyone of my kids. If you are one of these types of parents you should be ashamed and embarrassed and rethink the way you raise your children.

That is all.