Epic Fail

Epic Fail

We’ve all been there. We set aside some time, got out all of our pumpkin carving tools, sat down and start to carve out a design on a pumpkin only to find out after we finish that it didn’t quite turn out the way we envisioned. So I decided to find some of the best pumpkin fails that I could and post them here to show us all, that we aren’t alone in the struggle of pumpkin carving.

Epic Fail


Apparently a lot of people are dressing up like Ray Rice this year for Halloween parties, even allowing kids to do it while carrying around dolls that look like they have been beaten up. It’s just wrong in my opinion because of the fact that people are making light and having a good laugh at the expense of domestic abuse.




Epic Fail


I stumbled upon this little girl’s costume yesterday and really couldn’t believe what I was seeing. At first I just assumed it was a misprint, and I guess it still might be, because from what I read, all stores had pulled them from their shelves, however you can still buy it on Amazon. In fact the description for this costume on Amazon reads as:

A fantastic naughty Leopard set costume for little girls!

So someone out there is trying to market this as a sexy costume for a toddler, which just blows my mind. I was going to report this to Amazon but I can’t figure out how, if you happen to know how, let me know in the comments below.

Check out the listing for yourself here.



Epic Fail

Today was back to school day here in Georgia and since it was such an important day, I decided to post some of the very best back to school fail pictures that I could find on the internet. These are in no particular order or rank, just a nice collection that I thought were worth posting.