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The Cleaning The Bathroom Incident

As I pointed out yesterday, It’s pretty tough to get a lot of cleaning down around here with the 3 kids buzzing around, so sometimes things may get overlooked like cobwebs in the corners of the stairwell, or I may avoid cleaning under the couch in the living room for a few days, I might “forget” to take out the recyclables, so sometimes they might overflow onto the floor in the house, and so on and so forth. So this weekend I had some time so I decided to tackle one of the chores that I had been meaning to get to for days – cleaning the shower.

Now above the shower on the walls there was some water marks, grim or whatever else decides to party up there and I went and grabbed a magic eraser and some cleaner. Now, I assumed bleach would do the trick, so I went to find a spray bottle so I could dilute the bleach and make a mixture that would be okay to use. However, I couldn’t find the empty spray bottle that I keep in the garage ( I found it later ), so I went under the kitchen sink and whipped out some Clorox bleach bathroom cleaner – hey it said it’s for the bathroom, right? So I went into the shower and spray the bleach cleaner all over the walls and started scrubbing away with the handy-dandy magic eraser. It actually cleaned it very well, but by the time I got to the walls I hadn’t started cleaning first, the bleach had left, well, take a look for yourself:



Now personally I blame Clorox for not stating that the cleaner can’t be used on painted walls because it stains and ruins the paint – my wife on the other hand blames me and says that I’m an idiot.

Long story short? I have to repaint the entire bathroom, right after I finish my letter to Clorox.

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