Dryer Update

July 06
22:18 2014

For those of you that follow the blog, you will remember the very heated dryer post that I made a few weeks ago (For those of you that haven’t read it, click here), and I thought I’d go ahead and post an update.

So after spending a few hours taking the dryer apart I found that the problem was that the motor had broken away from the metal panel on the back of the dryer. A screw or some other object had been lodged into the wheel on the back (that blows the lent out of the exhaust) and broken the wheel and somehow it manged to break the clamp that holds the motor in place off. Now the problem was trying to figure out how to keep the motor in place so it could properly turn the new wheel that I ordered. I’m not a very mechanical type of guy when it comes to machines or cars, but after looking at it for a while, I figured out exactly how the motor should be positioned. So I grabbed some zip-ties and tightened the motor down and spun the barrel in the dryer around and it seemed to work fine – until I plugged it in and started it up. It was making this loud screeching sound like metal on metal that was absolutely horrible, but besides that, it worked fine, and being in a tough spot with laundry backup, I went ahead and washed and dried a few loads.

Today I went ahead and took it back apart and immediately found the problem, the motor had shifted about 1/4 of an inch and the back of the wheel that is connected to the motor was rubbing against the metal around the hole. So I went ahead and did a little redneck engineering and made sort of a frame to hold the motor in place and I have to say, it is 100%  better. Sure it still makes a weird sound, but it’s much better than it was and It’ll just have to do until I find a welder or buy a brand new dryer.


If I have the time, I’ll strip it down again and see if I can pinpoint any other issues, but for now its drying clothes and the circle of life is going ’round and ’round.



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Jenny Luff
Jenny Luff

Brilliant job, couldn't of done better myself. Xx

Gillian Stover
Gillian Stover

You are a genius as far as I am concerned!! I f it had happened to me, I would be spending a ton of money (of which i I am in short supply) buying a new one!

Peggy Wolf
Peggy Wolf

Just the fact that you were smart enough to take it apart shows me you have some mechanical smarts. I'd say a job well done.

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