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Fan Mail of The Day: A Boy Becomes A Man

August 13
01:38 2014

Dear Daddyfishkins,

First off let me say how awesome it is to see a man so proud to be a father. You see, I was a guy who “knocked up” a girl in highschool. (That line right there is enough to make some people cringe). Then I continue…that girl I “knocked up” is now my lovely wife. I am a 21 year old with a wife and 2 kids. I had my first kid when I was 18 and got the news weeks before graduation. I reacted the same way every other guy would; “ah crap, what do I do now?” And you want to know what I did? I manned up, accepted that I am no longer living for myself but for the family I had started. Many would say I missed out on all the partying and alcohol, but the truth is, when you have kids, you party everyday (or at least you feel like you already have partied and now want to sleep). My kids are my life and I didnt miss out on anything.
I guess what im trying to get at is my wife is a stay at home mom and does so much for nothing in return. She doesnt get a paycheck or a bonus. I am thankful for what she does for our family everyday and sometimes I dont express it enough.
Same goes for you buddy. Being a stay at home dad must be tough because I see how it drains my wife everyday, but you guys keep on going. I commend and salute you sir.

P.S. Carlos can go jump off a cliff


My Response:


Your wife gets more than either of you can imagine by her being a stay at home mom and getting to spend some much time bonding with your kids, she gets much more than the average parent does, so please don’t say she gets nothing in return, because she does and she’s very blessed.

Thanks for reaching out, I wish the best for the 4 of you, and it’s awesome that you stepped up and became a man when alot of boys would have run off and abandoned their responsibilities.



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