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Football Beards

September 17
14:19 2014


It’s football season and every year with the Football season going strong and the winter quickly approaching many of us men like to engage in an activity of growing football beards. Yes, when you are married with children things like growing a beard for football season is about as great as it gets. Call it sad if you want to, but I look forward to playing Fantasy Football and growing out my beard every year. I’ve grown some pretty epic ones before and this year since the grays are finally settling in to nest, could be the most epic of all.

A few of my friends have already been given the strict warning from their wives about the consequences if they don’t shave, but as all men know, they can’t threaten to take away something that hardly ever gets done in the first place.

So I will be updating periodically on the progress of my football beard that’s only to be shaved after the Super Bowl.

Go Falcons!


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