Girls in Beauty Pageants


If you are one of those moms trying their best to live through their daughters, and sons for that matter by placing them like objects in front of adults to be judged by their looks, you have some serious issues. What kind of parent puts little children in front of people and has them judged like prize cows and pigs? It’s just sick and totally disgusts me. I actually watched a few of the reality tv shows that show how these parents basically force their children into these pageants, and the ones that don’t have to be forced are brainwashed little dolls that do and say what they are told. And we sit back and wonder why girls are being exploited and having sex and babies way too early in life. It totally blows my mind that parents think that doing this to their children is anything but harmful.

Here is a link to an article that basically says the same exact thing that I’m saying – click here to read.

If you are one of these parents I highly suggest you take a hard look in the mirror and seek therapy immediately. Your children are not dolls and you are creating a very dark and dangerous road for your children.