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Happy 10 Year Anniversary To The Love Of My Life



Dearest Carrie,

So, we are ten years in. Ten very LONG years in. When we first got married I was 27, and now I feel 47. I have grey hairs in my beard and somehow along the way a crow has left his tracks under my eyes, apparently he had a great time because no matter how hard I scrub, they won’t come off. He could have at least invited me to the party. My body feels tired and broken, but that’s mostly because all three of our beautiful children have been using me as their personal jungle gym for over 8 years now.

But you look as beautiful as the day we met. You are an angel.

We haven’t been on a real date where we didn’t feel rushed to get back to the babysitter in years. When was the last time we saw a movie at the theater other than something staring an animated cast? Remember how we forgot about our anniversary last year because Sky was only 11 months old and had us both exhausted beyond belief? We shared a good laugh over that. Sharing the joy over having a new healthy baby girl was celebration enough.

But I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

We haven’t had a chance to really spend any of our anniversaries alone or even had a chance to really celebrate our anniversary for many years now, so for our 10 year anniversary I wanted to write down how I really feel with the top 10 things I love about you.


You still after all these years take my breath away whenever you walk into the room. (except during football games)

You are the most passionate and loving mother I could have ever hoped for to raise our children. (no matter how much wine you drink)

I think your shoe fetish is kinda cute. ( that doesn’t mean that you should buy some shoes after reading this. Oh who am I kidding, she probably already has two pair hidden in the trunk of her car)

I love your caring and nurturing way of life and the path you choose to live, how you stay positive in any situation and how you would do anything for anyone in their time of need. (except when I ask you for a massage that is)

How much pride you take in your appearance, every single day you look more beautiful than the one before it. (but it drives me crazy at how long it takes you to get ready – P.S you don’t even need make-up)

I love the way you snore. (yes you DO snore, no matter how much you deny it)

I love how you write me ‘Honey Do’ lists. (even though I’ve never completed one fully)

Your love of the beach. (yes I hate sand, but I love seeing you so happy and peaceful while walking in it)

That you never, ever, ever, admit that you might, even by the slightest margin be wrong about anything when we argue. (admittedly you are right more often than you are wrong, but still, come on already, you must have been wrong at some point – even though I can’t think of one currently)

And lastly, your loyalty, passion, and patience that you have shown me over the last 13 years. I’m not sure many women are as strong as you and could have stood by me in the darkest of times, and there has been quite a few over the years.I may not have said it much in the past, but thank you, without you I’d be totally lost, you are my rock, my heart and my soul mate, and I couldn’t live without you.

Happy Anniversary, I will always love you EQUAL,



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