Hate Mail: Men shouldn’t do women’s jobs

Listen here Mrs. Fishkins. I call you Mrs. because you whine and carry on like a woman. You clean house? Stay at home with your kids? Just put on a dress Mary and call it a day. You or ANY man who does women’s jobs are not real men and are a disgrace to use real men who go out and work everyday and provide for our families while you girly men stay at home and play nice.

get a job and stop being a woman.

I really have no response to this ignorance. It’s a shame that men still think this way in this day an age.

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And a bigger shame that they can't spell 'us.' U-s-e?' Nope. Not at all.


Hello Mr. Daddy Fishkins,

That person is just a troll, and normally I would say don't feed them but this one deserves a public shaming even if we don't know his name. The person who wrote that letter was very poorly brought up by his mother, and I doubt his father even lived in the home, or he would have had an example of what a real man is.

My grandfather was a motocycle dispatch rider in WWII. He was on his way delivering important messages to the front when he had a German bullet blow through his front teeth, exiting out just beside his spine in his neck. He managed to get back on his bike while bleeding profusely and deliver the messages. While he was recovering they wanted to send him home. He refused, healed up, and returned to the battlefield to until the end of the war.

After the war, he insisted on doing his own laundry, did the dishes of every second meal, helped prepare meals, and cleaned up after himself around the house. He used to say "A real man knows how to care for himself as well as others" Both he and my grandmother worked.

On the other side of my family it was the same thing, except my grandfather there was an MP, and was not wounded. After the war he became a police officer, got his welding ticket, and became a farmer. He too also did his own laundry and helped with dishes. He too felt real men cared for their family in the feilds and in the home.

My father was a metallurgical engineer and was CEO of one of the largest Engineering contracting firms on this planet. Cooked meals, did the dishes, cleaned up after himself, and my mother worked also.

I grew up with examples of real men, and I have worked hard all my life, and even as a stay at home dad of one (I can't even express how awsome caring for 3 is, which in my opinion until they reach school age each child is a full time job), I also work evenings and weekends.

The discrace to real men is there are little boys out there who still need their mothers who think they are men and have no clue what real work is or what it means to be men. They are just looking for a mommy replacement, not a woman to share their life with. It is sad they could not learn from their fathers that REAL men love their families, and share in all the work of raising tham, what ever that work entails.

This is just my opinion, from one Real Man to another, but I am sure we both know it is valid. 

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