Hate Mail Of The Day: You Are Not Famous

August 12
20:08 2014

The email:

Dear Mr. Fishkins,

Your name sucks and you are not famous. yu are just some dude, get over yourself.


My Response:


You are right. I’m just a dad who writes this blog to help keep my sanity day in and day out while being trapped inside with children who climb on me all day like a jungle gym. Also I don’t ever think I’ve said anything about being famous, I’ve had some success but it’s nothing to get a big head about. I appreciate everyone who reads this site and if I could I’d thank them personally.

Thanks for caring enough to drop me a line.

Daddy Fishkins


If you have something to say to me good or bad, I respond to all emails.

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Mike, AKA Daddy Fishkins, is the original bipolar stay at home rockstar dad who is lucky enough to have the 3 most wonderful kids and the most beautiful wife to ever walk planet earth.

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Beth Linkous Rodney
Beth Linkous Rodney

So sad that he took the time out to even write that. If he doesn't like it then he shouldn't read it.

Cristina Davy
Cristina Davy

Some people can't take other's success and hapiness so they feel the need to ruin your day with stupid messages. Love your reaponse. Please block these kind of people for your sake and ours!

Courtney Danielle Fortenberry
Courtney Danielle Fortenberry

this cracks me up. if someone doesn't like your work they don't have to read it, no reason to be negative. move along nay-sayer, move along.

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