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September 05
15:04 2014


For my daughter’s 4th birthday one of our good friends bought her a living doll, one of those dolls where their eyes close when they lay down. Sydney instantly bonded with the doll naming it Isabella, and was feeding it, changing its diaper, pushing her in a stroller and putting it down for naps like it was a real baby within minutes of getting her. I even came in one day and she had put Isabella in the time out chair for not listening to her, however for some reason she was feeding Isabella cookies at the same time, so her parenting skills still need a bit of work.

Later that day I heard Sydney and her sister Skylar screaming and fighting  over Isabella in the dining room and then without warning – epic crying. Then Sydney comes running into the kitchen with Isabella in one hand and Isabella’s arm in the other, they had ripped her arm off fighting over her. Obviously she thought I could fix and when she realized that I couldn’t – all hell broke loose.

We have just reached the 4-year-old little girl freak out mode: nuclear

I tried to explain to her that I was going to return Isabella to the store and get her a new one, but she wouldn’t hear of it, she just screamed louder as the tears rolled from her face. She couldn’t be consoled. She was devastated and in her mind, she had just lost her child, because she knew that the same doll wasn’t coming back but a new one, but as she had told us repeatedly – she didn’t want a new one, she wanted her old one.

My wife finally came up with the plan that we would just tell her that we were taking Isabella to the store to get her fixed, and after much convincing she calmed down a bit and finally accepted it. Isabella’s hair was messy and her clothes were dirty too, so to combat  we just explained to my daughter she looked so new because they had given her a make over. She bought it.

As soon as she got into the car when I picked her up from pre-k, she demanded that her mother text her a picture of Isabella to make sure that she was okay, and when she saw the picture, her beautiful smile crept back up on her face and you could see how relieved that she was.

These are the types of things I experience while raising daughters, I get to see the instinctive maternal nature of life and get to see it blossom from a seed right before my eyes.


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