A Kingpin Trapped

October 30
12:39 2014

I’ve heard parents use the phrase “oh that’s just life with raising boys” whenever their children do something mischievous, rambunctious or crazy, I laugh a little inside, because if they think boys are the only ones creating massive chaos, they know nothing about the other spectrum of parenting. I have two daughters and I can assure you they’d give any boys a run for their money and then some, all before breakfast and without breaking a sweat, and although it can be quite entertaining – it is very, very exhausting. In fact in the last few weeks my sweet and innocent two year old baby girl has suddenly turned into an hyperactive, little evil energizer bunny Frankenstein type creature who is slowly tearing the walls down around me – but more on that at a later date, (or click here, here and here.)

A few days ago we all were out in the driveway hanging out, the kids were playing, riding their bikes or whatever and I was working in the garage cleaning up, when suddenly I heard this burst of laughter break out in the direction of my daughters. Well of course I had to investigate, that’s the main way that I babysit anyways, I listen and I react to the various sounds that I hear, and even though this one didn’t alarm me, it still needed to be checked out; and what I saw made me start to laugh too. You see, my 4 year old daughter Sydney, had taken the lid from my fire pit and put it over my cat essentially trapping him. Now what made it funny was that our cat, Kingpin, was walking around back and forth with the lid on top of him as he slid around on the concrete. I wish I had taken video, but I did manage to snap a few pictures of the incident before I went over and rescued him. Kingpin wasn’t even upset because he loves the kids and is pretty much used to being treated like a rag doll, in fact he actually loves the attention, he is definitely a one-of-a-kind, very cool cat and as luck would have it, he will fight to live another day.



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