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The Machine That Saved My Life – The Nespresso Espresso Maker

May 13
19:44 2014

Where would we stay at home parents be without coffee? In my case it would be one of the the following three; prison, a casket, or hiding in Mexico under the name Ramon Sanchez. Over the last year I was downing my fair share of coffee, to the point to where my tolerance level was getting pretty high. You know when you can fall asleep after having a cup of coffee that a change is needed. So my dear wife surprised me at Christmas with a very nice espresso machine, the Nespresso Espreso maker.


It’s nothing too fancy, it takes pods like the Keurig machine so its super easy to use and takes only a second to make a cup of the sweet nectar known as espresso. Sure, using pods is technically cheating, but when you have 3 kids pulling you in 3 directions all at once, popping in a pod to make a quick cup is justifiable. The Nespresso Espresso maker instantly changed my life. I was able to down one as soon as I woke up, and another a half hour later and I was good to go until noon. It is awesome.

Meet the machine that has changed my life


Check out the product and reviews here

We also have one of the Keurig machines that gets used daily. However we did buy the universal refillable pods that we fill ourselves so we don’t get stuck with the outrageous price of the pods.

But the reason I mention it is, I have a tip for those of you that own one, or those of you that are thinking of getting one. Most retailers that carry the Keurig’s will exchange them no questions asked if you have any issues with them. We had one about a year and it stopped working, and my wife took it to Bed, Bath and Beyond and they not only gave her a new one, they gave her the upgraded model NO QUESTIONS ASKED. That’s actually the second time we had to do it because when the very first one we ever bought went out we called Keurig directly and we had a new one on our door the next day. So keep that in mind if you own one, or intend to buy one. So if you see one at the garage sell or a thrift store pick it up cheap, return it and get a brand new one. You are welcome.


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