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My Movie Review Of Noah

September 18
19:19 2014

Don’t by any means think that I’m a decent reviewer of movies – in fact I hard ever get a chance to watch a movie other than kid movies, and half the time I miss a lot of the hidden stuff in movies because my attention is usually diverted by screaming kids. However over the weekend I was able to sit down with my wife and watch our first movie together in months: Noah.


Now this movie is loosely based on the story of Noah, and honestly I’m not the biggest religious guy. Yes, I got to church and yes I believe but if you gave me a quiz on the bible I’d be lucky to get a D-, so I learned a bit from the movie even if it’s wasn’t what most Christians consider very accurate.

First off I think you have to go into this movie with an open mind and take it for what it’s really worth; pure entertainment. If you are watching this in some way in thinking it’s a story about Noah as told by the bible – you shouldn’t even bother watching it.

Personally I really liked the movie – yes the ending gets a little…weird, but I liked a lot of the translation that went into the film in regards to the actual story of Noah. I understand that it isn’t very accurate in terms of the bible, but I liked the thinking outside the box that actually made me think about the story at hand. The movie even made me go back and research the story – which I would say is a huge plus from seeing this movie. So even if you disagree and think that the movie is blasphemy and shouldn’t have been made, take into consideration that it has brought people closer in some way to the bible, and I think that was the purpose of this movie.

I would love to hear your thoughts so please comment below.


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