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My Thursday Was A Rough Day

July 11
19:25 2014

Thursday was just one of those days. I didn’t get to sleep until late, and I woke up with a headache. The kids were extra wired for some reason, and it was impossible to get anything done, let alone think, and anytime I did get a chance to sit down, I instantly became a human jungle gym. At some point during the breakfast hours my 20 month old managed to get a box of cheerios off of the kitchen island and spilled it all over the floor, from the kitchen all the way into the living room, and to add insult to injury, just for good measure, they, my 3 year old was now involved, crushed every single piece of cereal into the floor by walking over them back and forth.


And then as I’m cleaning up the huge mess, my 20 month old walks over to me,








I look over to where she was pointing and very proudly she points and the artwork she has just created on the wall.




…and then later:



So to say the least it was a stressful day. My 20 month old is getting into that stage of get-into-everything-all-day, and it’s getting to be a power struggle because her new word is NO.

When my wife got home I went and collapsed by the pool on a lounge chair and got my first chance to breath all day.






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