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My Thoughts On The Over-Sexafication Of A Nation

October 14
15:06 2014

Yesterday I made a post about what I thought was an inappropriately named little girls’ Halloween costume labeled as ‘Naughty Leopard’. I simply stated my quick thoughts about it and shared it on Facebook and it has turned into a huge debate amongst the people on my Facebook page. I never thought I would read many of the comments that I did, because it turned into an ugly debate with many people attacking each other. I’m not sure why people feel the need to insult and attack when they debate, but sadly they do, and it’s disappointing.

This is the costume in question

This is the costume in question

My views on the over-sexual innuendo that our society has leaned towards is a bit frightening. When I go out these days and I see some of the outfits that girls are wearing to places like the prom and out shopping or eating in restaurants, I simply shake my head, and wonder why their parents thought that it was okay to let their daughter walk around in public dressed they way that they are. Maybe as a society we have just been brainwashed by teen pop singers, strategic marketing and reality TV in such a way that we have slowly accepted the fact that being sexy is the way we have to be to be accepted.

I have two daughters now and I’m scared for them, because as time goes by and these girls who are teens or even much younger keep dressing in this way, society as a whole is going to catch up and adapt and those same little girls will become more of a target for sexual abuse and assault then ever before. Think it’s not true? I’ve heard several comments from grown men directed at young teens just because of the way they are dressed, and if you don’t think it’s happening to YOUR daughter you are extremely naive.

Marketing is the biggest culprit of this dangerous trend that we have adopted, with the way they design clothes now (great article about that here), they way they promote pop artists, who are supposed to be role models by the way, the promotion of make-up and probably many other things I’m not even aware of. I can barely allow my kids to listen to the radio anymore because more than half the songs talk about sex, getting high, drunk or partying, THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR CHILDREN!

So maybe THIS costume doesn’t appear to be sexual in nature, but naming it and promoting it as a ‘Naughty Leopard’ costume for toddlers is inappropriate.  Why? Because costumes for women are simply geared and marketed as being sexy in nature, and guess who sees that? Children. Little girls see these sexy costumes for women in department stores and start asking to dress up like mom, or if they just so happen to like the ‘sexy nurse’ outfit she sees hanging up NEXT to the kids costumes and asks for it, because she wants to be a nurse for Halloween, who sees that as an opportunity to make more money and to expand their brands? You do the math.

If you are a parent who let’s their daughter(s) dress inappropriately in public please think about and reconsider the choices you are making, because in the end no matter how  much we blame society or the marketing companies, it still ultimately comes down to parenting.

So ask yourself, how good of a parent are you? I guess only time will tell, in the meantime, maybe, just maybe your child doesn’t become a statistic, and just another example of were we went wrong as a society.



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