Picasso – The Early Years

July 03
03:03 2014

This kid could very well revolutionize and take the art world by storm one day.

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Mike, AKA Daddy Fishkins, is the original bipolar stay at home rockstar dad who is lucky enough to have the 3 most wonderful kids and the most beautiful wife to ever walk planet earth.

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Margaret King
Margaret King

Oh the things come up with when drawing. I think it is hilarious. I love kids for their uninhibited expressions and drawings.

Ching Hsuan Hung
Ching Hsuan Hung

This is a good laugh to start the day. I would rather see the humourous side of this. I actually didn't get the picture at first until reading the upsetting comment from 'downstairs'. Let's all just try to have a good day!

Anna Melerine
Anna Melerine

That is just terrible. Yeah its cute and funny for a split second but it's not really. The fact that people take pictures or record crazy stuff like that for other people to find is beyond me.

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