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The World’s Smallest Cantaloupe

July 25
15:43 2014

Right before spring rolled around me and my wife talked about, as we do every year, and decided that this year we were finally going to plant a vegetable garden, with a few different melon sprinkled in for fun. I had gardens before kids, but after kids its not easy to find the time to take care of them. The next day I went and bought the soil and some other supplies and with the kids ‘help” we carefully plant the seeds into plastic cups, they sprouted rather quickly and then – everything fell apart.

I just ran out of time, I over extended myself thinking I could plant and take care of a garden with 20 different vegetables and fruit while taking care of three kids all day. Well after it was all said and done I managed to save the watermelon and cantaloupe plants, which surprisingly grew very well, and the cantaloupe plant even produced a couple melons worth eating that were surprisingly really delicious.  Now I can’t say that they were the biggest cantaloupes every grown, but size isn’t everything, right ladies?



I’m still waiting on the watermelon, but if these are cantaloupe are any indication,  I’m not very optimistic, but we shall see.






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