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The Bread Box Situation

July 16
14:20 2014

For years we never had a bread box in our house, mainly because we just didn’t really have the counter space for it, and partly because I didn’t think we needed it. I had always used the microwave to put all the bread, chips and other snacks in and that to me was perfect natural. Then we were having a get together with some friends and my buddy looked puzzled when I pulled something out of the microwave and insisted he had never seen anyone use a microwave for storage before. Shortly after, the wife went and ordered a pretty nice bread box, she had been wanting one for a while and my buddy without even realizing it, talked her into getting one. The bread box worked great for a while, but now? Take a look at the picture below.

See? At least in the microwave nobody could see this mess, and now it’s come full circle because now I have to put half of this stuff back…you guessed it, in the microwave.


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