The Pink And The Black Girl

August 14
16:25 2014

The car pool line was starting to fill up finally. I had gotten there a bit too early to pick up my daughter from her first day of Pe-k and luckily the baby was asleep in her car seat so I was able to sit back, relax and finally be able to listen to the new Eminem album, the unedited version. I find that I can listen to music with the explicit lyrics for another few months before my baby daughter slips up and drops an F-bomb or two. A few minutes later the teachers start leading the kids to the car pool and Sydney is brought over to me by her teacher, she looks a bit upset, but only in the ‘drama’ girl type of upset and blurts out:

Daddy the PINK GIRL won’t be my friend, but at least the BLACK GIRL let me play with her.

I cracked a smile and tried my best to reassure her that I’m sure the pink girl will be her new friend in no time (as I write this over a week later the pink girl still won’t be her friend). For some reason this really seems to bother her.


Now as a parent I can’t help to feel bad for her because at age 4 there isn’t a lot going on in her world to latch onto and since she is a very social child, I wonder why the pink girl won’t be her friend. Did she do something to the pink girl? Did she not share? Maybe my daughter made friends with a girl who the pink girl wanted to be friends with? I tried explaining to my daughter that you can be friends with more than one person, but she really couldn’t grasp the concept.I mean what else is going on in pre-k?

But I have to keep telling myself that she’s only 4 and this is her first year of school, and no matter how hard I try, I have to let go, let her grow on her own and stop being so protective. It’s a lesson I will be trying to learn until the day that they lower me into th ground because in my eyes she will always be my baby girl.

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Mike, AKA Daddy Fishkins, is the original bipolar stay at home rockstar dad who is lucky enough to have the 3 most wonderful kids and the most beautiful wife to ever walk planet earth.

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Laura Fenton
Laura Fenton

We are having the exact same issues starting prek right now. When you read about children having issues at prek, it is usually about children being shy. Mine has the opposite problem. She wants everyone to be her BEST friend and is so sad when everyone else is shy and will not talk to her. It is killing me!! I don't want my child to lose her " I love everyone" just because other kids do not agree. I am walking out of prek everyday in tears for her. I don't know if we will ever be able to let them go :(

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