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Top 10 Things Found In My Shoe

After the last few days of finding various items in my shoe, I decided to crank out a top 10 of things that I have found in my shoe over the course of raising my 3 children. Some may sound familiar to you and some may not – either way let’s take a dive into my world for a few minutes, shall we?


10. Princess chairs from a Princess castle. Yeah this one is pretty normal in terms of what you might find in a shoe from a child. I’m sure based on gender it’s pretty much the same, whatever small item they play with at some point end up in your shoe. in my case though I was in a hurry throwing on my shoes without socks to pick up my son from the bus stop when my toys were met with a very sharp princess chair, that shortly after took a short flight across my front yard.

9. Sand. Now, I’m not entirely sure where the sand came from. We have a sand box that’s at the very back of our one acre yard, but we hadn’t been on the playground in a week or so, and I know the kids hadn’t been back there, but that’s the only place you can get sand around here. And it’s not like there was a trail of sand or anything, there was just my shoe, filled with sand. I still haven’t figured this one out.

8. Water Balloon. We had many pool parties over the summer and water balloons always made an appearance and somehow one of them got crammed into the bottom of one of my Chuck Taylors. Did I mention it broke when I tried putting my shoe on? Yeah.

7. Cat food and my shoe half way filled with water. My daughter didn’t quite understand how feeding the cat worked. She’s better now, but wet cat food in my shoe was pretty nasty to clean out. It had the same consistency as baby puke.

6. A chewed up Hot Dog. 

5. A Sponge Bob Square Pants pez dispenser.

4. A Barbie doll head. A neighborhood boy was reportedly responsible.

3. A squished up banana. This recently happened and it was just like half of a banana and I didn’t see it or know about it until I felt this moisture, a very wet and squishy substance slowly make love to my toes.

2. A live frog. I’m not sure who did this, but for a time my son had pet frogs in an aquarium in his room and after a party where many kids were present I found the frog. Luckily however, I found him, or her before I put on my shoe.

1. A Dead Goldfish.  I have no explanation. We don’t have goldfish.


If someone had told me things like this would happen before I had kids I might have reconsidered – but alas for me it’s too late. So I have created a GO FUND ME campaign that could help me and others like me. So please check that out here.

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I have found all sorts of things in my shoes, too with my two.  As for the dead fish, a bit off topic, but we actually just found one when we were ripping up the floors to put in new ones.  Kids, of course, had nothing to do with this one for a first, but sure made me wonder who was living here before us and why they were using our living room as a cemetery for dead fish.  Just saying ;)

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