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Trying To Clean Is Pointless

I’ve almost given up in regards to retying to keep a clean house. I mean I DO clean but no one ever sees the house when it’s clean, so if the house is clean when no one sees it, does it really matter if you clean at all? I’m beginning to think not.

Many times, especially of late, I’ll get the kids together and we will clean the house, well mostly I clean the house while the kids whine and find various excuses trying to get out of cleaning. I’ll do the dishes, prep dinner, pick up toys, do laundry, sweep and scrub food and random mysterious sticky items from the floor, an hour before my wife gets home from work, and the house will look perfect – until about 3-5 seconds after I stand back to admire my work. I’m not exactly sure what triggers it, but without warning toys start flying through the air and I find myself dodging them like a scene from the matrix; cars, puzzles, books and baby dolls litter the floor without warning and with no disregard to the disapproving look I’ll get from my wife when she walks through the door. And it never fails, the more explanations I have for why the house isn’t clean, the more I sound like I’m lying and making excuses – even to myself.

So what’s the point? Why should I waste an hour of my day cleaning and scrubbing if no one knows about it? Trust me I’ve had to talk myself out of boycotting cleaning a few times, and it’s anything but easy.

Here are some challenges I face daily with cleaning and trying to keep a tidy household:

I’ve also become very familiar with Magic Erasers, Windex, Fantastic, Bleach and various other cleaning products. I’ve also experimented with dozens of cleaning techniques and tips I’ve learned from Pinterest, 20% that have actually worked, and for messes or stains that I couldn’t get clean, I’ve learned that hiding them is the best policy.

So I will continue the endless assault of cleaning the house even if the terrorbombs destroy it right after I’ve finished because I feel it’s important for the kids to live in a clean environment and that helps to keep moral up and – oh hell, who am I kidding? I clean up because I’m scared of my wife.

The end.


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I feel your pain. I have so many other projects to be working on besides cleaning a house that's going to get utterly destroyed again in less than 24 hours. I usually give up until I get too depressed to be dwelling in total it's always trying to find that balance. I need a live-in-maid....or a wife.


I agree with you Sonoyuu. We categorize the kid's toys (cars in one tub, play tools in another, animals in a different one etc.) The kids have to pick up the toys and put them back in the tub to get a new tub brought out (we help). I also try to get them to both do projects at the same time tailored for each skill level. 

I know this might sound like a massive project but maybe paint part of a wall (or one whole small wall) with chalkboard paint (you can also find contact paper chalkboards to put on walls) that way your little ones who like to write on the wall have a specific place to do so. maybe leave chalk there which will come off of walls and other things easier and put all "adult" writing implements out of children's reach? 

The littlest is 1.5 yrs right now and so he is going to have a fascination with the Christmas tree so we are going to put up a "kids tree" that he can decorate and un-decorate and redecorate to his little hearts content. It will be a felt tree that we stick up on a wall and have felt ornaments and lights and stars that can all be rearranged!


I really like your blog, and often, I seriously relate to your predicament.

I am hoping I can make a suggestion here to help. We tried Crayola's Mess Free markers/paints/etc. These things really work well because they only work on the Mess Free paper and colouring books. All the pens/markers/other implements of destruction are hidden high up out of reach. For toys, I have categorized them by type into containers and we only allow one container out at a time. If the interest in the one box wanes, I pick them all up and put away that box, and allow a different one out.

Eventually we found the boxes would fill themselves amid the desire to have a different box of toys. ;)

That said I really do get it. It seriously sucks to put in several hours of cleaning and chores in the hope that someone older than 10 can see it and appreciate it, but it never lasts :)

Good luck and keep on blogging!!!

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