Who is Daddy Fishkins?

Hey My name Is Daddy Fishkins. I’m a father of 3, and husband to the best wife/mother on the planet. I’m a Cub Scout leader of my son’s Den of his Cub Scout Pack. I’m a stay at home dad, driven to the edge of insanity, Monday-Friday, 12 hours a day, by 2 of the most beautiful and loving girls you could ever meet.

I’m also; Bi-Polar, tattooed, handsome, funny, super charming, goofy, super intelligent, and modest.

I like; fishing, gardening, watching football, hiking, camping, cooking, grilling, photography, playing Super Mario Brothers, date night with the wife and playing with my kids.

What I do, and how I do it: I started this site to chronicle my life as a father and husband, as well as to have some time to myself to unwind (vent) during the day, whenever time allows. I might post funny pictures, videos or I might write about something funny that happened that day, write a review about a product/toy, tell a story or just to give some awesome parenting advice.

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* I’m NOT a professional writer, so you will see typos, misspellings and the misuse of words quite often. This has a lot to do by being crawled on by two daughters while blogging, so no need to be a Grammar Nazi and point these things out.